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The C & F operations were started by Mr. Sushil Sureka and Anand Datar in the Year 1976 with Lakme Ltd. as the first business tie up.

Mr. Sushil Sureka

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The group parent company, B.M.Narayan was founded by Shri D.J.Pethe in 1942 and Mr.Sushil Sureka, a science graduate, joined it in 1965. Initially involved in the Chemicals business as Distributors for M/s Tata Chemicals, under the inspired guidance of Mr.Sureka, BMN soon became a leading FMCG distribution organization in the state of M.P. handling reputed National and Multinational companies like Tata Oil Mills, Cadburys, Reckitt Coleman, Lakme, Procter and Gamble, Wiltech, Wimco etc. Mr. Sureka’s total commitment to policies of absolute integrity and transparency made BMN a favourite choice with companies for their C & F operations.

Mr. Anand Datar

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Mr. Anand Datar also a science graduate, joined BMN in the year 1973 and helped Mr. Sureka in starting C & F operations in 1976. A fast learner, he took independent charge of the operations within a couple of years. Starting from just Lakme Ltd., Carryfast became a byword for C & F and the group soon added company after company under his leadership.

Mr. Vibhash Sureka

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Mr. Vibhash Sureka, Business management topper from BITS PILANI is an expert financial analyst. A quick thinker and decision maker, he takes care of the group‘s finances and is a key figure in taking all management decisions. 

Mr. Pankaj Dani

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Mr. Pankaj Dani is a commerce post graduate and has been instrumental in innovating and implementing a number of warehousing and commercial controls and systems which have worked effectively in achieving better operational efficiency. His experience in handling a very wide range of products, exposure to practices followed by different leading corporate houses and intense involvement has honed his abilities and he is now regarded as an expert in the field.

Mr. Vinit Sureka

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Vinit Sureka always dreamed of being a part of his family business, the Carryfast Group. Attending The Max M. Fisher College of Business at Ohio State University, he graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) and was ready to travel back India to contribute to his family’s legacy of quality services. To achieve and surpass the high quality standards, Vinit focused on 3 pillars: innovation, automation, and obtaining quality certificates. Carryfast won a number of quality accolades, and the company began to expand. Internally he drove diversification of the business in different verticals. Today, Carryfast is an industry leader in providing quality services.