Is Your 3PL Partner Ready For The Next Industrial Revolution?

The future of supply chain is technologically and digitally empowered. Faster delivery, reducing costs, automation to handle a large number of orders, prove that the supply chain of today will no longer serve the purpose for tomorrow. Spurred by such a change, have you ever questioned yourself if you and your 3PL provider ready for such a revolution?

If you count on your 3PL partner for your supply chain management, it is imperative to know if they are capable enough to take you through this innovative journey. For this, let’s discuss a few points that would help you evaluate whether your 3PL partner is ready for the next industrial revolution or not.

1. Customized tech Solutions

The 3PL provider should be equipped with a team who could assist you with the best technological solutions that could enhance the efficiency of your supply chain. Also, it needs to have a clear understanding of your business to provide you with the best-customized solutions that suit your requirements.

2. Updated with Latest Technologies

Automatic sorters, self-learning WMS, augmented reality, and robotics are the latest technologies. To enhance your business operations, a 3PL needs to bring technology into play. It needs to be equipped with various business-oriented tools to ensure that orders arrive timely in their accurate places.

3. Transparency of Operations

Real-time information sharing and the proof of delivery are of utmost importance in maintaining transparency of your supply chain. All you need to do is ensure if your 3PL partner maintains the transparency and keeps you updated with each stage of your delivery process.

4. Utilizes Big Data and Analytics

Big data is defined as large data sets that provide valuable insights of the supply chain environment. The Big Data can be used to anticipate and quickly respond to any kind of disruption in the supply chain. So in order to remain competitive, more streamlined, responsive and proactive for the efficient functioning, you need to ensure if your 3PL provider is all set to deal with it.


Technology and digitalization are ought to take over the supply chain operations with the progressing years. Therefore, it’s high time you need to look for a 3PL partner that is technology driven and is set to take you through this industrial revolution successfully.